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the Largest producer of Calcined Lime , Calcined Dolomite

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Supply and processing of non-metallic minerals,Calcined lime and Calcined Dolomite

Azar Sepeed Sepahan Production, Servicing, and Commercial Co. (Private Joint Stock) was established in 2006 and registered in Isfahan Companies Registration Bureau under registration No. 34210 as the producer of Calcined Dolomite, Calcined lime for the purpose of supply if requirements for steel and copper … industries in Iran and with the aim to procure and produce non-metallic minerals, Calcined lime, Calcined Dolomite, refractory clay etc. This company, having a land with the area of 5,000m2, is the largest producer of Calcined lime and Calcined Dolomite with the capacity of 120,000 tons of various types of products especially Calcined Dolomite and industrial lime, which is required by the steel industry. According to the orders, Azar Sepid Sepahan Co. is one of the suppliers of bauxite refractory and fire clay for the producers of castables, alumina, and bauxite refractory bricks with grade 70% as well as calcined magnesite for other industries.

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Our Products

Calcined Lime

Calcined Lime is being made through burning Limestone under 1000-1200°C. Rotary, vertical, or rotary-vertical kilns are applied for the industrial lime burning. Limestone is being kept in the kilns at least for 2:30-3 hours. Therefore, the more it takes burning, the quality of produced lime (Calcined Lime ) will be improved.


The main mineral constituent in lime is called “Calcite” with the chemical formula CaCo3. Carbonate calcium is the equivalent. Limestone or carbonate calcium is rarely found in the form of pure lime in the nature. This stone is mostly seen in the form of Clay-line, sand-lime, and dolomite.