Fluor spar( Flourite)

Fluor spar( Flourite)

This mineral is available in yellow, green, pink, blue, purple, no-color, and sometimes black, which is being crystallized in cubic system. Fluorine is semi-transparent with glass shining. The special weight of this mineral is 18.3 with the hardness of 4.

Fluorine or flourite (CAF2) is the most important Fluorine mineral in the nature, of which Fluorine is being extracted. Fluorine usually fills the empty space between other minerals and mostly it is found in the nature in the form of veins following with calcite, quartz, barite, Celestine, and various sulfides. Fluorine, in case of purity, contains 48.7% and 51.3% calcium. Formation, reservoir, and production of Fluorine: Fluorine is being formed and observed in a wide area of geological conditions. Fluorite ore may have sediment –carbonated origin or the vein form normally related to the acid igneous stones. As per the data of Ministry of Industries & Mines, totally more than 3.1 million tons of approximate reservoir and more than 1.5 million tons of definite reserve for Fluorine existed in Iran in 2001.


  • Chemical analysis Fluor spar( Flourite) table

    L.O.I Al2O3 MgO CaO Fe2O3 SiO2 Na2O K2O TiO2 CaCO3 Caf2
    3-5 0.2-0.5 2-4 Trace 0.05-0.9 2-4 Trace Trace Trace 9-11 77-79