sales services

Policy and general targets of Azar sepeed Sepahan Co., producer of non-metallic minerals ( calcined lime and calcined dolomite) concerning quality are as follows:

To identify and realize customers’ requirements and demands and to attract their satisfaction, to make progressive efforts for the supply of calcined dolomite and calcined lime as well as the services based upon the specifications agreed with customers, on-time delivery of the products with the most suitable prices, and to increase customers’ certainty about supplied products and services

To increase staff’s skills and proficiency through identifying and supplying their training requirements, quality and efficacy optimization by means of strategic planning, to clarify organizational targets, duties, responsibilities, and internal relationships between organizational members, to grant authorities to the members, to attract their partnership, applied development and responsibilities

Obviously, reaching the above targets require personal and collective commitments by the whole workers in all the levels and departments of this company.

Wish all the colleagues ever increasing success towards making a safe, healthy, and pleasant working environment.